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Sony PlayStation

The Past and The Present of Sony Playstation – Most Powerful Gaming Console!

Sony PlayStation The PlayStation 4 And The PlayStation 5 Back during the days, people...
iOS 14

iOS 14: It’s All About The New Features In Latest iOS

iOS 14 If you have an iPhone, then it is probably time for you to look at the...
Adaptive Fast Charging

How Fast Charging Works – Quick Vs Adaptive Fast Charging

Adaptive Fast Charging Many people wonder which type of technology is better between Adaptive Fast Charging and Quick...
Third-Party Camera App

Why You Need To Limit Third-Party Camera Apps On Android 11

Third-Party Camera App There are many people on the Internet who believe that Google's latest update to their...
Google Duo

How Does Google Duo Fit Into the Android World?

Google Duo Google Duo is officially coming to Android TVs soon. The company is already rolling out an...
Amazon Halo Fitness Band

How Does The New Amazon Halo Fitness Band Work?

Amazon Halo Fitness Band Amazon recently launched a brand new fitness app and subscription service known as Halo....
Best Streaming Device In 2020

Find The Best Streaming Device In 2020

Best Streaming Device In 2020 If you're an avid online user, or if you need to watch a...

What Is HBO Max? A Must See For The Next Generation

HBO Max The simple answer: HBO Max! It is simply Warner Corp's attempt to create its own Netflix...
Black Friday Deals 2020

Finding Affordable Black Friday Deals In 2020

Black Friday Deals 2020 With the upcoming Black Friday deals, more people are choosing to purchase the goods...
Is PUBG Banned

Is PUBG Going To Be Banned In 2020?

Is PUBG Banned After PUBG was released last year, players were amazed at how much fun they had...