How Does Google Duo Fit Into the Android World?

Google Duo
Google Duo

Google Duo is officially coming to Android TVs soon. The company is already rolling out an Android TV version of Duo on Android TVs in the coming months worldwide. With Duo, you’ll be able to initiate group and one-on-one calls directly from your Android TVs with the press of a button. The Google Meet on Cast feature will enable you to use a projector or TV to present your slides during presentations and demonstrations, which are also perfect for use at home or work.

The Duo interface is very easy to navigate, which is one reason why it’s such a popular product among business professionals. In the same way that Google+ allows you to create groups that have related interests, Google Duo allows you to create groups that share similar interests. You can create a group to discuss your Google products or Google news, or you can join a group about your favorite topic or even find someone who shares your interest. The Google+ and Duo integration allow you to easily share your posts, photos, and information with people who are in your Google+ circles. You can send them notifications and updates that will let them know when you post something new.

Google Duo Interface:

The Duo interface looks very much like Google+, but there are some noticeable differences. For example, the icons used for sending messages are actually the ones used on the Android device. The Google + integration lets you create your photo albums as well as manage your contacts. If you’d rather use your Google account as the central location for all your data, Duo works just as well on the Google Play Store.

Will Google Cast Support Work on Google Android TV?

We’ve been waiting for the day that Google finally launches its own video conferencing service on Android Wear, and for now, no real details are coming out about how Google Duo will work on Wear. All we know is that Google has announced a new update to its Chromecast smart display device that enables it to make phone calls using the same technology that makes Skype and Yahoo Messenger work.

Then there’s the new update to Google Meet, another app on the Google Play Store that offers a live video conference call over your Google Wear device. This is something that users of the Chromecast can already do, and it’s a feature that Chromecast support for Google meet is going to allow you to take advantage of.

But what’s more interesting is that the newest version of the Google Meet app allows you to set up a live video conference from your phone. This means that you can use your phone as an extra screen or virtual camera to watch the person you’re talking to in real-time. It’s a feature that has previously only been available on PC.

So if you’ve been trying to call somebody, but your phone isn’t connected, don’t despair, because the latest version of Google Meet also supports the ability to video chat from your phone. You can use your phone as a microphone to hear what people are saying on your screen, and just as with Skype and Yahoo messenger, you can invite people to join you in a meeting over the video call.

Google has yet to provide any further information on how it plans to make the features of Google Meet compatible with Android Wear. Still, with Google’s other apps already on Wear devices, it looks like the integration of this software on the Wear will be seamless. The next big question will be how it will make the feature available in the first place, and whether or not it’ll come to all of the existing Wear devices.

With the new update to the Android app, all of the apps that work with Chromecasts and Google’s Play Services will work with Google Duo. This means that all of your apps and activities from your phone will show up in the same way on your TV – as a simple tap on the screen, or with a tap on the lock button to open up your notifications.

If the Chromecast support for Google Meet is included in the current Google Play Store, then it seems likely that the update to the Meet app will make it possible to enable video calls from your watch. But we’ve yet to find out how it will work, or whether or not the update will allow you to make phone calls over Wear devices, but if that’s the case, this is certainly a feature that will make a lot of people happy. Now you can make your video calls in front of people with your Android Wear. While this doesn’t provide the full functionality of a Google Chromecast headset, it’s easy to imagine how many users will want to carry one along with them wherever they go, especially if they use their smartwatch for business. But at least it gives them the option to still have a physical phone with them so they can stay connected while they’re out and about. For now, all the talk around Google is just speculation, and it’s difficult to tell if Google will make the full leap and offer the functionality to all devices simultaneously. Still, it looks as though they will make it work, and it should happen very soon.

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