How to Scan Your Phone With Windows Defender on Android

Windows Defender On Android
Windows Defender On Android

If you have Windows Defender antivirus installed on your mobile phone, you will find that the Windows Defender on Android feature is also installed by default. The Windows Defender ATP also works as an antivirus on Android devices. And since there are many other additional features that Microsoft has added to its antivirus program, this program will work on your Android device as well. In this case, the Windows Defender ATP is designed with the users in mind. It is a virus scanner that works perfectly on your mobile device.

The Windows Defender ATP will be able to scan your phone for malware and other malicious programs present on your phone. With this feature, your phone will be protected against all malicious software such as Trojans, viruses, worms, malware, phishing scams, keyloggers, spyware, adware, dialers, and web-worms. The app does not only check the files and settings of your phone, but it will also scan through the internet connection to detect malicious files. However, there is a problem with the app if you’re using the free version. This application doesn’t allow you to use any antivirus programs installed on your phone.

If you’ve tried the free version of the Windows Defender on Android virus scanner, you would surely find out that the app has problems that make the scanning difficult to do. If you’re trying to scan through your system and you encounter problems such as missing links or other issues, you might need to update the antivirus. However, you can easily scan your system using the built-in scanning tool found in the Windows Defender on Android.

Windows Defender On Android – The Same Feature As Other Anti-Virus Programs

The Windows Defender on Android has the same features that you’d find in other antivirus programs. It is able to detect threats, including malware and adware, but it also has tools that can be used in protecting your phone from viruses. The app also has the ability to lock your phone to keep the virus away while you are using your phone.

Even though the app can scan through your phone, you can also use the Android version of the Windows Defender to scan your computer. You need to download the Windows Defender Portable version to your computer before you scan the files. Once you are done with scanning, the application will also download the security patches that you need for your phone to stop any further threats.

When you download the Windows Defender Portable version, you will find that this application comes with the ability to scan through your phone as well. However, this is a more advanced version of the regular Windows Defender Antivirus that offers better protection. To scan the files of your phone, you only need to install the program on your computer and then connect your phone. The program will browse through your phone and send the results to your computer in the form of a Portable Application Pack.

You don’t have to go through the hassle of installing the app on your phone since it is portable. It is also designed to be easy to download. Once you’re done with downloading the application, all you have to do is to install it and then insert the file on your PC. The program is also able to scan through your phone, allowing you to scan through your phone using the built-in scanning engine. To use the program, you need to download a compatible anti-malware program. After you download the anti-malware, you just have to run it and scan the phone. In real-time, to ensure that the programs that you are running do not cause any damage to your phone. The application will then send out an alert on your phone to let you know if the scan is finished successfully.

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